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Personal Service, Peace of Mind, Pleasant Memories


Visit our facilities and see for yourself the beauty and solitude our great surroundings offer and experience the Commitment, Advantage and Difference.

The Metropolitan Commitment
The Metropolitan Funeral Commitment offers you and your family the personal service, peace of mind and pleasant memories you deserve in your time of need.

The Metropolitan Advantage
We offer one-stop-service. The ceremony, casket, vault, flowers, obituary cemetery, monument and reception can be arranged on site at our location.

The Metropolitan Difference
The Metropolitan Difference continues our one-stop-service. Funeral, cremation, insurance, counseling and pre planning services can be arranges at one location.

"The Funeral...Provides a climate for mourning and the expression of grief. Allows the sorrows of one to become the sorrows of many. Is one of the few times love is given and not expected in return. Is a vehicle for the community to pay its respects. Is a celebration of a life that has been lived as was as sociological statement that a death has occurred."

- Author Unknown

The Metropolitan Funeral Service Facilities offer a beautiful chapel, planning room, conference room, reception/dining room and several meeting rooms. The environment is warm and inviting which creates an atmosphere fitting for the occasion.

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5605 Portsmouth Blvd, Portsmouth, VA 23701
120 W Berkley Ave, Norfolk, VA 23523
7246 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA 23505