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Personal Service, Peace of Mind, Pleasant Memories


Bronze and Copper
Bronze and copper are semi-precious metals, and are naturally rust-free and extremely durable metals. These caskets represent the finest construction, materials, designs, interior fabrics and features available.

Wood offers warmth and beauty that rivals handcrafted furniture, and are available in a variety of wood species. Each hardwood casket is a sound one-of-a-kind remembrance. As a hardwood tree matures, a process that takes nearly 60 years, it develops its own unique texture and grain pattern.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is well known for its everyday durability and resistance to corrosion. It also offers a distinguished appearance at a moderate price

Steel caskets are available in a wide array of colors and styles at moderate prices. 16 gauge steel is the heaviest gauge, 18 gauge steel is mid-weight, and 20 gauge steel is the lightest weight steel for casket construction. Most steel caskets have special treatments to help resist rust and corrosion.

Cremation caskets Cremation caskets are specially designed and constructed with lower metal content, less ornamentation and simpler designs, for families selecting cremation as final disposition. These cremation caskets are suggested for visitation, viewing and/or services with the remains present. These caskets offer the Living Memorial? tree planting program.

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